She's reminding everyone that WW is no longer all about weight loss.

By Faith Brar
December 17, 2018
Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for Turner

We all know and love Kate Hudson as an actress, but the star has also established herself as something of a health and wellness guru over the years-both with her book, which is all about healthy ways to love your body, and with her super-successful workout line, Fabletics. Now, the 39-year-old and mom of three, who recently opened up about her mission to reach her "fighting weight" after giving birth to her daughter, is signing on as an ambassador for WW, the wellness brand formerly known as Weight Watchers.

In her latest Instagram post, Hudson is seen FaceTiming Oprah Winfrey, the company's partner and spokesperson, and explains her motivation for taking on this new role.

"My 'why' is really my kids and my family and longevity-wanting to be here as long as I possibly can," she says. "And I just said, 'OK, I'm going to try this.' I was like, 'This is a perfect program!' It's just so nice because these are things I talk about all the time. I had never known a program that allowed people to be themselves and do the things that they love." (P.S. Here are 15 times Kate Hudson proved she's the definition of #Fitspiration.)

In the caption alongside the video, Hudson also gave us a sneak peek into what kind of an ambassador she plans to be: "Health and wellness is my number one and I always say that what works for me doesn't work for everyone," she wrote. "I believe that we need to celebrate diversity in how each individual wants to celebrate their bodies. We aren't all going to enjoy the same workouts, outdoor activities, foods, etc. I've become an ambassador for the WW family because it is the perfect community for people to live healthy their own way and I love sharing this knowledge with you all!" (Related: Kate Hudson Shares Her Killer Workout Formula)

"This is not a community for people who just want to lose weight, although leading a healthy lifestyle lends itself to such, this is a community about supporting each other through a lifelong journey of wellness," she continued. That's something she reiterated while speaking to Winfrey, saying: "It's not a diet; it's a lifestyle."

This motto is consistent with WW's major rebranding back in September, deliberately moving away from just being a weight-loss program. In fact, the company completely realigned its mission by ditching before-and-after photos of its members, cutting artificial ingredients from its food products, and offering mental health services, to focus more on overall wellness-and Hudson seems to be the embodiment of this shift.

Interestingly, the internet seems to have mixed emotions about the actress's new affiliation with the company. While some people welcomed Hudson wholeheartedly, others complained about WW using as an ambassador a celebrity who isn't known for struggling with weight.

"I would really be more impressed if they took a normal everyday person at the start of their weight loss journey and followed them for a year...the highs and the lows, the celebration, and the defeats...the reality of weight loss," one user wrote on WW's Facebook page.

"I understand that WW is now incorporating wellness and exercise, but using someone who is already thin and fit is hardly encouraging for those with true weight issues," said another.

But Hudson continues to stress that the primary focus of the program is not just weight, but overall wellness to create a more sustainable lifestyle. "That's the thing that sets it apart to me from everything else," she said of WW to People. "This is about understanding your wellness. It's about understanding your fitness activity, understanding your food, understanding the things that you love. It's about how to balance."