How the celeb stays sane in the music industry, her favorite cheat food, and more

By Julia Malacoff
August 25, 2016

Being a celebrity seems pretty stressful. Sure, celebs make a lot of money and get tons of free stuff, but they're also constantly under the world's microscope when it comes to their appearance, what they say, and how their actions are perceived. In an interview on Elvis Duran's radio show yesterday, Katy Perry discussed how she juggles all those pressures that come along with being famous. One of her key coping mechanisms? Therapy.

When asked how she stays "normal" amid the chaos of being under the lens, Katy says, "I have a lot of tools. I can go to therapy, I don't get excessive on the substance. I've kind of learned that dance ... it's difficult in this industry. You're holding on for dear life and you feel like you're riding a rocket, and now I'm kind of not holding on for dear life. I've learned how to ride it, and I'm surfing and feeling good!" Clearly, she's got it under control.

Katy certainly isn't the first celeb to be vocal about mental health issues. Other stars like Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato, and Emma Stone have all been open about their struggles with everything from depression to panic attacks. We've got to hand it to these women. Just by talking about these sometimes taboo issues to their wide fan bases, they're creating awareness and letting people know that they're not alone in their experiences of mental health problems. (If you want to feel inspired, watch Demi Lovato's Powerful Mental Health Speech: "We Can Do Better")

Another thing Katy loves: Panda Express. Yup, you read that right. She talks about keeping her diet mostly healthy but also indulging in cheat meals, like a dinner from the Chinese fast-food chain. It's all about balance! And there's more good news for fans: She's coming out with a new album very soon, and is currently "deep in the writing process," spending long nights at the studio. She's also got a shoe line in the works that will hit stores in the spring of 2017 that she says is "very colorful, very fun and very tongue-in-cheek." Sounds about right for KP.

Check out her full interview here: