The star proved once and for all that you really can wear a sports bra *anywhere.*

By Julia Malacoff

When you imagine what you'd wear to a super-fancy dinner, the last thing you probably think of is a sports bra. They're totally comfy and often crazy cute (check out these crop top sports bra hybrids if you don't believe us), but they're not exactly considered formal attire. Well, spandex aficionados can get excited, because Katy Perry just showed us all that wearing a sports bra to an extremely chic event is 100 percent acceptable. (BTW, Katy Perry has the most brilliant self-confidence trick that you can totally use, too.)

For a recent dinner organized by Chanel, Perry sported a sheer metallic lacy top with a plain black sports bra underneath. She finished off the look with shiny wide-leg black pants and a black bomber jacket, which is totally trending right now. (Need proof? Check out these athleisure bomber jackets that will complete any outfit.) And while it's just generally exciting to see a celeb out and about in activewear at a high-profile event, what's even more awesome about her outfit is that it's super easy to replicate.

The key to making the look work is choosing a sports bra with no logo or eye-catching details, and pairing it with a super-simple sheer top. Something like the Phat Buddha Bedford Bra ($62; under the Wear It To Heart Solid Short Sleeve Mesh Tee ($46; will do the trick. Then, add black pants or jeans in a cut you love, and you're good to go. Mixing in a jacket to top it off is a great option for those who aren't totally comfy heading out of the house in a sheer shirt, but if you're game for showing a little skin, we say go for it.

Even if you don't want to wear this to a super-fancy event, this is just more proof that athleisure isn't going anywhere, so go ahead and rock this at your next post-workout happy hour without a second thought.

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June 19, 2018
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