The star opened up about how they asked her to lose weight and how the harsh request hurt her feelings.

By Faith Brar
January 05, 2018

Khloé Kardashian is no stranger to body-shaming. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been criticized about her weight for years-and even after she famously lost 35 pounds in 2015, people still didn't cut her any slack. Throughout it all, though, Khloé has consistently stood up to haters and remained a body-positive role model, often opening up about why she loves her shape just the way it is. (Check out some of our favorite female celebs who gave the middle finger to body-shamers.)

Dealing with body-shaming strangers is one thing, but receiving those kinds of harsh comments from family is an entirely different beast. In a new episode of her show Revenge Body, Khloé revealed that on top of all the negative banter from tabloids and people on social media, her family also wanted her to lose weight because she was damaging their image, US Weekly reports. (Smh)

While talking to one of the show's contestants, she recalled her family's hurtful request. "Khloé, you got to lose weight cause you're really hurting the brand," she says they told her. "I understand that was coming from my management side of my family, but it does hurt," said Khloé, according to the mag. "I'm a huge believer of it's not what you say, it's how you say it." (Related: I Was Fat-Shamed By My Doctor Now I'm Hesitant to Go Back)

Body-shaming of any kind can cause people serious long-lasting mental and physical harm. Not to mention that it does absolutely nothing to help the person in question lose weight or get healthier. You know what does work? Love.

Having a strong support system of family and friends can help you put the pounds into perspective, Geneviève Dubois, a certified nutritionist and author of GiGi Eats Celebrities, previously told us in The Science of Fat Shaming. Dubois also encourages people to find hobbies and ways to exercise that will build their sense of self and enjoyment rather than focusing on weight loss.

While Khloé's family's comments definitely seem harsh and extreme, she herself seems happier and healthier than ever. She's officially six months pregnant and looks incredible, plus she's been working on staying strong for no one else but herself. So keep doing you, Khloé. We admire you for it.