Her real reason for wanting to seek "revenge" is way more motivating than people are giving her credit for.

By By Alexa Erickson
Updated: January 13, 2017
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Over the last few years, Khloé Kardashian has shed 35 pounds and made a new name for herself as a confident gym enthusiast and lover of all things health and fitness. (Heck, she even wrote a book about it.) But beyond her new strong and sexy figure-just check her out in last year's April issue!-her journey to regain her independence and sense of self after a devastating divorce also inspired a much-buzzed-about show, Revenge Body.

Khloé's new series, which premiered on E! last night, helps men and women who have gone through a breakup lose weight and get full-body makeovers with the help of her team of celebrity trainers, nutritionists, and of course, glam squad. But the show's premise has received some criticism for implying the necessity to seek revenge on someone, and using your body as a tool to do it.

Khloé, no stranger to haters, recently opened about her thought process on the whole 'revenge' thing. "It's my journey," Khloé said on the Today show about the concept. "People always say that, well, revenge-it means you have to be getting it on somebody else...for me, revenge was getting it maybe like on my old self," she said.

While this may have redeemed her a bit, it's also worth pointing out that getting revenge on yourself doesn't necessarily instill healthy habits either. Still, you can't really knock her for her intentions, which she explains were to help contestants develop a more positive body image based on her own fitness journey and struggle with self-love.

"If you would have asked me five years ago if anyone would have put me in the fitness category, I would have said, 'You're out of your mind. There's no way. I'm the fat, chubby, unhealthy sister of Kourtney and Kim,'" she said, noting that much of her unhealthy body image was rooted in her rise to fame and constantly being compared to her two older sisters. "It really gave me the idea, 'God, if I could just help one or two people.' I feel like that's why I'm given this platform," she went on to say.

Name of the show aside, if she can inspire others to gain a positive self-image while getting healthier in the process, we say more power to her.



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