We found out whether these beauty buys live up to their promise, and if they're safe to use.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Turns out that Khloé Kardashian has a pretty involved "vagina care" routine. In a new post on her app, she shares her eight favorite products to give your "v-jay some TLC." That's right-not one, not two-eight products. Let's see which ones are worth trying.

At the top of Khloé's list is a Vajacial, or a facial for your vagina. You can expect exfoliation, toning, and a "face mask for your 'nethers,'" she writes. And it's not a terrible idea says Sherry Ross, M.D., ob-gyn in Santa Monica, CA, and author of She-ology. "It's a little over-the-top and certainly not necessarily for a healthy vagina, but the skin down there is quite similar to the skin on your face, so if this is something you really want to try, it's probably fine," says Ross. She does caution to make sure that all products being used are pH balanced for the vagina and that the technician is trained. But, duh-you wouldn't let just anyone down there, right?

Next up is Medicine Mama's V Magic Cream, which Khloé describes as Aquaphor for your vagina. Hydration is always good for the outer and inner labia (the vagina is technically just the internal canal, if you needed that sex-ed refresher), says Ross. But there are a lot easier and cheaper ways to accomplish that than buying a $23 container of cream, she says. Her favorite way? "Fill your bathtub with warm water, add 1/4 cup of coconut oil and bathe as usual-you'll moisturize your whole body, including the labia," she says. (Did you know that what you eat also affects the health of your vagina?)

Khloé's Good Wipes: Cleansing Flushable Wipes for Down There, on the other hand, are a winner as far as Ross is concerned. She appreciates that they're pH balanced for the delicate genital area, non-drying, and don't have any harsh chemicals. Again, these wipes aren't necessary for a healthy vagina, as you can get just as good a clean with gentle soap and warm water, Ross says. But the convenience of the individually packaged wipes might be worth stashing a few in your gym bag to freshen up with before running a few errands after a workout.

Another product Khloé swears by: Glass Ben Wa Balls. These small, weighted balls are designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal and then used to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor. "Like Pilates for your cha-cha!" Khloé says on her app. But Ross is a little leery of sticking any foreign object in the vagina. "If the goal is to strengthen pelvic muscles, your doctor can teach you how to properly do kegels. You'll get all the same benefits without the cost, risk of infection, or the possibility of getting them stuck up there," she says. "This seems like a product that could do more harm than good." (Here are 10 more things you should keep away from your vagina.)

Vagina-specific products can be safe if that's what you want to spend your beauty budget on, but keeping up with your female health doesn't need to be that complicated, says Ross. "Women really need to spend more time learning about their anatomy and the basic ways to take care of their genitals and less time worrying about exotic techniques," she explains. (Discover six things you don't know about your vagina, but should.)

Bottom line? These products won't do anything for your vagina you can't do yourself. Proper cleansing and kegels are all you really need for a happy, healthy vagina.


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