The reality star shared two easy and filling breakfast options, one sweet and one savory.

By Renee Cherry
September 07, 2017
Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

When it comes to food, Khloé Kardashian seems to like convenience. (She's shared the convenient snacks she keeps in her fridge and her go-to choices at popular fast food chains on her app.) Naturally, she has some standby simple breakfast recipes in her arsenal. Now, the star is sharing some of her favorite three-ingredient breakfasts.

There's a sweet option and a savory one: almond butter and banana toast, and a spinach and bell pepper omelet. Both make smart breakfast options since eggs and almond butter both contain healthy fats and protein, which keep you fueled. (Another protein-filled breakfast Kardashian loves? Chocolate orange protein pancakes.)

If you tend to shove food in your mouth on your way out the door in the morning, streamlining your routine with easy breakfast recipes could be the answer. (LBH, the advice to "just get up earlier" never helps.) Kardashian's recipes are ready in minutes and don't require a lot of thought. Here's how she makes them.

Almond Butter and Banana Toast

"Almond butter and bananas are two of my favorites before or after a sweat sesh-but put the two together and [heart eyes emoji]! For this one, just pop a slice or two of whole-wheat bread into the toaster. While that's doing its thing, cut the banana into bite-size pieces. Once the toast is done, just spread on some almond butter (Justin's Vanilla is my all-time fave), add your banana slices, and you're good to go. This breakfast is packed with fiber and potassium. It will keep you full well into lunchtime!"

Spinach and Bell Pepper Omelet

"Start off by cutting up the bell peppers (I love to use red, yellow, and green) and cook them in a nonstick pan over medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Once they're slightly tender, throw in a good handful of spinach and keep stirring all the veggies until the spinach is wilted. Then remove everything from the pan and set aside.

I like to beat my eggs in a Pyrex measuring cup, so then I can just pour them into my pan. Cook on a medium heat, pushing in the edges with a spatula and tilting the pan so that any of the raw egg hits the heat. Once the top surface of the eggs has cooked, add back in your bell peppers and spinach mixture to one side of the pan and fold the eggs over, creating a little pocket. That's it!"


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