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Steal the Khloé Kardashian Kettlebell Deadlift Butt Workout

When it comes to Khloe Kardashian, no body part is more talked about than her butt. (Yes, her abs are pretty great too. Steal her oblique moves here.) And as she told us in her cover interview back in May, "I put in the work to get the curves I have and every bit of firmness."

Now, you can steal at least one of the moves that Khloe does to get her coveted backside. In a new post on her site, Khloe shares a kettlebell deadlift workout from one of her "favorite fitness trainers to follow on Instagram," Lyzabeth Lopez, to "get my ass looking #goals." (Although we think she's probably already at #goal status.) 



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Here's how to do the kettlebell deadlift, which Lopez says can burn up 20 calories per minute:
A. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, turned out at a natural angle. Engage core, drive glutes back, pushing weight into heels as you grab handle of the kettlebells.
B. Pull on the kettlebells until you feel hamstrings and glutes and engaged, and then thrust hips forward to come to a standing position. Reverse movement and repeat.


Once you've mastered the kettlebell deadlift, try these full-body kettlebell moves that turn you into a total powerhouse.


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