Watch Khloé Kardashian Crush Interval Runs While Pulling Her Daughter True In a Wagon

She somehow makes resistance running look easy.

Running at an incline is hard enough. Running at an incline with added resistance? Apparently, that's just another workout for Khloé Kardashian, who makes the whole cardio-strength sweat sesh look like a piece of cake.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who's known for being a badass in the gym, recently took to Instagram to share videos of herself doing some interval running up a steady incline.And, get this, she does the whole thing while pulling daughter True, sitting comfortably in her wagon, behind her.

See it (and be impressed) for yourself:

In the videos, Kardashian breaks up her sprints with some power walking while True smiles and munches on an apple in the back. (You can go ahead and add this impressive sweat sesh to the countless times Khloé K has inspired fans to work out.)

"Let's do this," Kardashian wrote alongside the post, which is fittingly set to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. In addition to ~casually~ pulling her baby up a hill, Kardashian also shared some footage of her crushing some strength training exercises including leg presses and chest presses in her home gym—all of which she did while rocking Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 running shoe (Buy It, $158, $180, The eye-catching shoes, which the reality TV star wears throughout the entire workout from running outside to lifting inside, are great for both running intervals and long-distance training thanks to an ultra-light upper and comfy rubber outsole. Bonus: The breathable mesh design is made to keep your feet cool while the rubber outsole minimizes impact and provide necessary traction—two features that are undeniably necessary when carting around your baby on the pavement.

In the post's caption, the 35-year-old also gave a shoutout to her trainer Don Brooks, who she says "was really pushing [her]" to give it her all that day. In return, he praised her for her hard work by commenting on her post, "Being in quarantine for so long @khloekardashian, TBH I was surprised you finished, especially with #BabyTrue on your back."

ICYDK, Kardashian isn't the biggest fan of traditional cardio, so she's all about switching things up to get her heart pumping. Her creative take on outdoor interval running is a great way to do just that, and it's worth noting that this exercise is also great to build power and overall strength. Interval running workouts like Kardashian's involve short bursts of intense exercise followed by lower-intensity recovery periods, resulting in similar benefits as HIIT, Nicole Glor, a certified Precision Running coach at Equinox, previously told Shape.

Kardashian made the sprints even more challenging by adding resistance to the mix, making her lower body work even harder. Using resistance (whether it's from a child in a wagon or a band strapped around your waist and anchored behind you) can mimic parachute training—which involves running with a parachute to incorporate wind resistance and, in turn, improve power and speed. You could also think of Khloe's creative move as a way to mimic a weighted sled pull in the gym. With this exercise "you'll get your heart rate up while working your quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and calf muscles in one movement," Alyssa Ages, a trainer at Uplift Studios, Epic Hybrid Training and Global Strongman Gym previously told Shape.

If you're feeling inspired try these eight leg and butt exercises for a real lower-body burnout.

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