She will empower you to love your curves!

By Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal
August 09, 2016

Eight months after giving birth, Kim Kardashian is just five pounds away from her goal weight and she looks ah-ma-zing. Clocking in at 125.4 pounds (a weight loss of 70 pounds), she bravely Snapchatted to followers an image of her standing on the scale, exclaiming, "I haven't been this in years!!!" (Here's how her sis Khloe lost 35 pounds.)

We've been updating you on the celeb's weight-loss journey, but Kim's most recent decision to share her weight with the world also came with a serious message of empowerment, which we love. Kim got real in a blog post on her website, talking about what so many women simply don't-just how much trying to lose that post-baby weight sucks.

"After I had Saint, I decided to set goals for myself. I was motivated, but it was tough! It isn't easy to just bounce back," Kim revealed. "I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds-and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant, lol. That's not me." (Here are some post-pregnancy fitness and wellness tips that really work.)

But Kim has been all about showing off her body throughout her weight loss-and we love that fearlessness. Below, she's the ultimate "MILF" while filming the video for Fergie's "MILF Money" just a few weeks ago:

And here she is looking amazing in a leotard before a photo shoot last month:

The other cool part about the Kardashian's weight loss? Kim went on to say that she knows just how much her own relationship with food and fitness impacts her three-year-old daughter North. "Her attitude toward her body is directly related to my own," Kim said. "So, it's my responsibility to make sure she understands that positive body image comes from having a healthy self-esteem."

Kardashian added one of the biggest reasons she loves her body is what it can do. "We all have our hang-ups and things we might want to change, but my curves make me who I am. So, I embrace my body and the changes I've gone through. If anything, those changes remind me of what I'm able to create with my body: two little angels that I love beyond words." (These women will inspire you to love your body no matter what.)

And in classic Kim K. fashion, while speaking as the keynote at the BlogHer Conference last week, she promised that she's not done showing off all her hard work.

"Have I posted a nude selfie since I lost all my baby weight? I don't think so. Get ready."


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