The "M.I.L.F" took to Snapchat to set the record straight about her mindblowing curves

Kim Kardashian is no newbie when it comes to releasing mind-boggling images of her curves on the internet (remember when she broke the internet with that Paper magazine cover?), nor is she naive to the Photoshop rumors that come in their wake. And her bootylicious appearance in Fergie's latest music video M.I.L.F. $ , is no exception.

Kardashian's assets look gravity-defying, but the mom of two took to Snapchat to shut down rumors that the video or the promotional images had been altered-at least not by computer-sharing a clip of the raw playback video on set with the caption "FuckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife." Tell us how you really feel, Kim.

The star is certainly no stranger to using corsets (waist trainers or shapers) to alter her shape (it's all right here in The Truth About Kim Kardashian's Waist Training Plan). And she certainly hasn't been shy about what they do for her figure, speaking out on social media about how "obsessed" she is with the look.

Kardashian doesn't specify if the shapers she's seen using in Fergie's video are the same trainers she's endorsed on social media in the past, but either way, using methods like this to whittle your waist might not be the best idea. "The compression corset hampers breathing, blood circulation, and digestion, all of which are poor for your body's organs," Michele Olson, Ph.D. told Sorry, sticking to a good old fashioned gym routine is still your best bet.