Kristen Bell Did Some Family Beach Yoga In This Adorable Insta

They also cleaned up trash along the shore together—as if we needed more reasons to be obsessed with this family.

Kristen Bell
Photo: NBC/Contributor/Getty Images

We're all about Kristen Bell's realistic approach to working out. The former Shape cover girl has long been a major advocate for good health—both mental and physical—and has championed ways to make time for self-care despite her insanely hectic and demanding life.

Recently, the mother of two took to Instagram to share one of the many simple ways she stays active: by getting her entire family involved.

A series of photos showed Bell and her family participating in a beach clean-up sesh this past Sunday with Wavehuggers, an organization that combines surf lessons with environmental causes.

After surfing and doing their part to help the environment, Bell's family used the plastic they collected to create some art. They then ended their productive day with some family yoga on the beach.

Bell isn't the only one to give a whole new meaning to "activism." More and more people are realizing how cleaning and organizing can improve your physical and mental health. Some are keeping it local and participating in activities like plogging —a combination of the word "jogging" and the Swedish phrase "plocka upp" (which means "pick up") that implores runners to pick up some litter along their route.

Others are literally booking trips around the world that combine active volunteer work with local athletics like yoga and kayaking.

While these activities might not torch calories like spending hours in the gym, they're a great way to turn your volunteer work into a double-duty workout that's good for your body and your conscience. It doesn't get much better than that.

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