Kristen Bell has made good on her promise to help people in need.

By Renee Cherry
September 11, 2017
Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Kristen Bell had the unfortunate luck of filming in Florida leading up to Hurricane Irma. She was able evacuate Fort Lauderdale ahead of the storm, but got stuck in Orlando. Bell wrote on Instagram that she wanted to help people in need and seems to have made good on that promise by helping two families to reach shelter. First, Bell helped out some of actor Josh Gad's family members. She secured them a hotel room at the Swan and Dolphin hotel in Disney World where she's staying. "They don't make them like this girl. Thank you Kristin (sic)," Gad praised her.

Bell repeated the favor later on, this time getting a room for actress Jennifer Carpenter's grandma and aunt who were expecting to face the eye of the hurricane. According to Carpenter, the women had prepared to stick out the storm in bike helmets before Bell stepped in. (Add this to the list of reasons we love Kristen Bell along with her attitude about post-pregnancy weight.)

On top of looking out for families who could use shelter, the actress has been helping to keep up morale where she's staying. Throughout the hurricane, Bell has spent time entertaining and hanging out with some of the thousands of seniors taking refuge at the same hotel. She's been up to a lot in the past few days, documenting all the activities she's helped with on Instagram. She's sang, called out bingo, and competed in a midnight wheel chair race.

Based on her pictures, it looks like she's made a hell of an effort to keep up the spirits of the people around her and take their minds off of the storm. For someone who's stuck in a hurricane, Bell's optimism is pretty impressive. (Try these tricks for perpetual positivity.)