They stepped in to set the haters straight. #DontMess.

By Faith Brar
February 06, 2017

While several big corporations used the Super Bowl as a platform to make overt political statements (watch Audi's incredible commercial about female empowerment), Lady Gaga was just there to "make you feel good." But even though her action-packed 12-minute performance brought the house down, some viewers decided to criticize the pop sensation by pointing out her barely-there 'belly.' Ugh.

Rather than focusing on the fact that Gaga is arguably the most iconic singers of our time, not to mention a six-time Grammy award winner, trolls targeted her completely normal (but still freakin' fit) midriff for its lack of six-pack.

Thankfully, her fans, also known as her Little Monsters, were quick to fight back against the harsh comments, taking to Twitter to show their support.

Lady Gaga fans: 1,000,000. Trolls: zero.


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