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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lady Gaga, Super Bowl queen and conqueror of body-shaming Twitter trolls, has been open about her health struggles in the past. Back in November, she Instagramed about infrared saunas, a pain relief method she swears by, but she didn't get too specific about exactly what was behind the chronic pain she was dealing with. A few years ago, she even shared that she had to take a hiatus from performing due to a hip injury, according to an interview she did with Women's Wear Daily.

Now, the star is revealing for the first time in an interview with Arthritis magazine that the source of her health woes is actually rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Though the full article does not appear online, the cover quotes her as saying: "Hip pain can't stop me!" and "I fought RA pain with my passion." Inspiring, right?



I was so overwhelmed by the empathy, confessions & personal stories of chronic pain in response to my previous post I thought what the hell. Maybe I should just share some of my personal remedies I've acquired over the past five years. Everyone's body and condition is different U should consult w ure Dr. but what the heck here we go! When my body goes into a spasm one thing I find really helps is infrared sauna. I've invested in one. They come in a large box form as well as a low coffin-like form and even some like electric blankets! You can also look around your community for a infrared sauna parlor or homeopathic center that has one. I combine this treatment with marley silver emergency blankets (seen in the photo) that trap in the heat and are very cheap, reusable and effective for detox as well as weight loss! In order to not overheat my system and cause more inflammation i follow this with either a VERY cold bath, ice bath (if u can stand it, it's worth it) or the most environmentally savvy way is to keep many reusable cold packs in the freezer ( or frozen peas' n carrots'!) and pack them around the body in all areas of pain. Hope this helps some of you, it helps me to keep doing my passion, job and the things I love even on days when I feel like I can't get out of bed. Love you and thank you for all your positive messages.

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If you're not familiar, RA disease causes your immune system to attack your own body's tissue, according to the Mayo Clinic. As of now, it looks like genetics may play a role in some cases, but beyond that, the specific causes of RA are not known. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also notes that new cases of the disease are two to three times more prevalent in women than in men, making it especially important for women to be aware of the disease and its signs. (FYI, here's why autoimmune diseases are on the rise.)

The symptoms of RA and other autoimmune diseases can be tough to spot, so it's important to be informed. When they start to feel sick, "people think they ate something wrong or they have a virus or they're exercising too hard," rheumatologist Scott Baumgartner, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Washington in Spokane, told us in The Symptoms You Should Never Ignore. For RA, the main thing to watch out for is stiffness and soreness in more than one joint, especially both hands and feet when you first wake up and at night.



Since aren't that many celebs who have spoken out about autoimmune illnesses, aside from Selena Gomez, who has talked about her experience with lupus, Gaga's fans who are also dealing with this group of diseases are understandably psyched that she's shedding light on it. One tweeted, "Thank you so much for telling your story. I have osteo and psoriasiatic arthritis. You are a true angel!"

It seems like we can always count on Gaga to speak up about the things that matter to her the most—including her health—which is one of the many reasons we love her. (P.S. Remember that time she shut down Piers Morgan mansplaining about rape? Yeah, that was pretty awesome, too.)


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