This combo will change how you feel about yogurt and granola.

By Renee Cherry
February 22, 2018
Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

Next to the chia seed puddings and avocado toasts of the world, yogurt bowls are an underrated breakfast option. They combine protein and complex carbs, and they have plenty of fat, B vitamins, and calcium, according to Jessica Cording, R.D., owner of Jessica Cording Nutrition. Plus they can satisfy those a.m. cravings for something sweet and crunchy. And if that's not enough for you-Lea Michele is a fan.

The actress recently shared a yogurt bowl recipe on her Instagram story. Her take on yogurt and granola is perfect for anyone who thinks this is a boring breakfast. She opted for sheep's milk yogurt topped with granola, blackberries, blueberries, chia seeds, turmeric, and cinnamon. (Related: The Health Benefits of Turmeric)

Photo: Instagram / @leamichele

If you consider yourself a strictly cow's milk yogurt kind of person, you should reconsider, especially if you're slightly sensitive to dairy. "Because of how sheep are raised-they tend to eat only grass-their milk has a different structure of fatty acids than cow's milk," Cording says. "It has more medium chain fatty acids, so some people find that they're able to digest it better than cow's milk." (Related: How Lea Michele Got In the Best Shape of Her Life)

Even if you do fine with all dairy, the creamy texture of sheep's milk yogurt makes it worth trying. "It's got a very rich flavor," Cording says. "It's really creamy and it feels like more of a special-occasion yogurt than the fat-free yogurt in a convenience store. For someone who finds mouthfeel important, it's very satisfying."

Michele's choice of toppings is even more reason to copy her bowl. Chia seeds and berries up the fiber content of the bowl, Cording notes, and multiple studies suggest that cinnamon can help to lower blood sugar levels. Lea Michele-approved, dessert-like, and healthy? Sold.


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