The actress takes these two steps to boost her immune system and avoid getting a cold or the flu.
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lea michele
Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Ready or not, flu season 2019-2020 has made its debut with a strain that's unusual for this time of year. In a timely move, Lea Michele shared some of her favorite cold and flu prevention measures for the latest installment of her "Wellness Wednesday" series on Instagram. (Related: The Essential Oil Lea Michele Uses to Make Flights More Pleasant)

The actress revealed that she keeps her fridge stocked with beef bone broth for her husband and a vegan broth for herself. Because bone broth is high in minerals like calcium and phosphorus, it has the potential to support a healthy immune system. The vegan alternative Lea Michele buys is marketed as a "mineral broth." Instead of animal bones, it incorporates reishi mushrooms; research suggests these adaptogenic mushrooms can help support immune function. The broths Lea Michele shows in her videos are from Erewhon Market, and she's shouted out Owl Venice Vegan Mineral Broth Elixir (Buy It, $20, in the past. If you aren't vegan, you can also try making your own bone broth or go with a premade option like Bare Bones Bone Broth (Buy It, $22,

In addition to her broth, Lea Michele turns to a homemade ginger and turmeric shot for natural flu prevention. She slices each root thinly, tosses them into a pot of boiling water, and adds lemon juice, honey, and apple cider vinegar. Then everything gets strained and poured into a shot glass. (Judging by the color, she makes it pretty concentrated.) Like bone broth, some of the ingredients in the actress's shot are potential immunity boosters. Turmeric ginger teas are "packed with antioxidants and can help strengthen the immune system," Kelly Hogan, R.D., the clinical nutrition and wellness manager at the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital, previously told us. Lemons contain the compound quercetin which boosts immune function, and honey is a favorite cold remedy among doctors. (Related: The $8 Drugstore Mascara Lea Michele Wore on Her Wedding Day)

Lea Michele has already made it clear she'll go the extra mile to avoid getting sick–even when that means wearing an air purifier around her neck. But remember: The most foolproof way to prevent a cold or the flu (besides getting your flu shot) is to wash your hands on the reg, stay active when you can, get enough rest when you need it, and generally take care of yourself, both mentally and physically.