We dare you to watch and not instantly want to be her BFF

ICYMI we've been hosting these huge events called Shape Body Shop where we pull in our favorite trainers to sweat, snack, and shmooze with. Lea Michele-our fabulous November cover star-made a special appearance at our New York City Body Shop, and we put it all on Facebook Live. Don't fret if you missed it-you can watch the full interview above or on our Facebook page.

Obv, we took the opportunity to sit down with her (and a bunch of Body Shop fans) to get the low-down on her fave workouts, go-to quesadilla recipe, and all about her fitness journey. Spoiler: She's not magical fitness unicorn-she's just like all of us.

"I wasn't always passionate about working out," she says. When she lived in New York and was walking, dancing, and performing all the time, she didn't need to worry about it. Once she moved to LA, however, she gained a little bit of weight from spending so much time in her trailer and eating on-set and decided she needed to get active again.

"I started hiking and yoga because that was a great way for me to ease into working out," she says. "I've never been a gym person... it just feels like a lot of pressure. I like being in more of a workout environment where people can support each other."

She lived in New Orleans during her first season of Scream Queens, and Emma Roberts introduced her to a spin/pilates studio and she was instantly hooked. Now she does SoulCycle, a new workout called MDR (and "extreme" form of Pilates), hot yoga, and hiking-with plenty of rest time in front of the TV too. And she doesn't keep her workouts ~exclusive~, like you might think: "I don't take private classes. I like being in a room with everyone and having fun," she says.

If anything, all this proves that Lea Michele is the ultimate fitspiration-and not just because she has a gorgeous, fit body. It's because she shows that even if your favorite thing is drinking coffee and laying in bed all day (like she admits here), it really is possible to get hooked on fitness, even if you don't think that's who you are. She says it herself: "I never thought I'd be this person!"

She admitted that she even falls off the wagon sometimes, but that the more you do it, the harder it is to stop. And even though she looks amazing, that's not why she hits the spin bike:

"I don't work out just to look good, I work out to feel good," she says. I am that person in the front row (depending on how I'm feeling), singing the songs at the top of my lungs, poorly, and then after I feel great," she says. "You can be as beautiful as possible on the outside, but I really think it starts from the inside." (Want more body-pos feels from your favorite celebs? These women will make you feel inspired.)