The Girls star defends her workout routines by saying that taking care of your health is an act of feminism

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From bra burning in the '60s to the recent call to embrace hairy armpits, feminism and the female body have been strongly linked. So it's no surprise that loving your body regardless of whether or not it conforms to society's narrow standards has become one of the bedrock principles of modern feminism. This has led some women to question if trying to change your body through exercise goes against everything women have been fighting for. Lena Dunham, an outspoken feminist, sure doesn't think so.

Explaining her recent exercise kick, she told People magazine that being a fitness nut and a feminist aren't mutually exclusive. "I don't think anyone is going to be like you look so good you've ruined my life," she says. "There's nothing anti-feminist about being healthy."

In a refreshing take on fitness, she adds that she isn't exercising to be more beautiful or to lose weight or to punish herself for eating a donut. (In fact, here are 20 Celebrity Bodies We Should Stop Talking About.) She just wants to live longer and walk up stairs without losing her breath-things that, frankly, we should all want.

"I'm just exercising to be a person who lives past 50," she confesses. "I'm not like on a crazy diet."

While weight loss or a flat tummy aren't bad reasons to get your sweat on, sometimes it's nice to take the long view and remember that, in the end, it's not just about adding years to our lives but adding life to our years!