The singer recently discussed her emotional struggle after giving birth to a stillborn son in 2010.

By Faith Brar
Updated: March 01, 2017

Lily Allen was forced to take a break from Twitter after becoming a target of horrifying online trolls. The 31-year-old British singer shared her reasoning in a tweet on Saturday, explaining she was tired of people sharing abusive comments regarding her PTSD from giving birth to a stillborn in 2010.

"My timeline is full of the most disgusting, sexist, misogynistic, racist s**t," the Grammy-nominee wrote. "Really, new levels. I'm no masochist so I'll be back."

At the end of last week, Lily had posted a series of tweets highlighting the prejudice shown towards immigrants and Muslims, which brought on an onslaught of personal attacks-some blaming her for the death of her son. It started by trolls accusing Allen of having mental health issues to which she replied, "I DO have mental health issues. Bi-polar, post-natal depression, and PTSD, does that make my opinion void."

After one troll responded asking Allen how she got PTSD, she wrote this heartbreaking response: "When I lay in a hospital bed with my deceased son stuck between my legs halfway out of my body for 10 hours."

"Not to be a d**k, but I very highly doubt it was 10 hours," yet another user fired back, to which Allen replied "You are a d**k. And it was. I was there, you weren't."

Several other users commented with similar hateful remarks. "Maybe if you didn't pump your body full of drugs you wouldn't have miscarried," one said, to which Allen retorted: "I didn't miscarry, I went into early labor and my son died from his cord wrapped round his neck." Absolutely devastating. (For the record, heartless trolls, although women often blame themselves for these tragedies, stillbirths are rarely caused by something the mother did or didn't do, according to the CDC.)

We knew Twitter users can be cruel, but trolling a woman who had a stillbirth? Really a new low. That said, Allen proved she's too classy for their games by logging off social media and taking some much-needed time to herself.



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