The couple got engaged over the summer, but Vonn said she wanted to "return to the favor" to her husband-to-be.

By Arielle Tschinkel
December 27, 2019

Another round of congratulations is in order for Lindsey Vonn and her fiancé, P.K. Subban. The two athletes got engaged over Christmas—for the second time.

Though Vonn and Subban got engaged back in August, the Olympic skier recently shared on Instagram that she wanted to "return the favor" to her husband-to-be. She gave him a gold band over the holidays, posting photos of their second engagement the day after Christmas. (Related: Why Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Loves Her Scar)

Posing together alongside their three dogs, with everyone dressed in festive, matching striped pajamas in front of their Christmas tree, Subban showed off his new bling.

While the photos of the couple (and their dog fam) are undeniably cute, it's the message behind Vonn's proposal that resonated most with people. In her Instagram caption, Vonn wished her followers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, writing, "On our 2 year anniversary I returned the favor and asked PK to marry me... and he said yes. We talk about equality but actions speak louder than words. Men should get engagement rings too and this is what PK deserves." (Related: Lindsey Vonn Gets a Gold Medal for Her Active Recovery Game)

Speaking directly to Subban, an NHL defenseman for the New Jersey Devils, Vonn added, "Can't wait to marry you babe."

Judging by the comments on Vonn's post, it seems like people loved her decision to defy traditional engagement standards in heterosexual relationships by proposing to Subban. "That's true equality," wrote one commenter, adding, "What a merry and memorable Christmas it will be. Congrats."

"I love the symbolism here. My husband took my name this summer and it meant so much to me! Congrats!" commented Katie Sturino, body-positive activist and founder of MegaBabe Beauty.

Another commenter wrote, "Good idea! My grandmother gave my grandfather a platinum diamond and emerald ring on their wedding day. It fits his pinkie and still is in beautiful shape."

Vonn and Subban shared details of their first engagement to Vogue back in August. Similar to Vonn's proposal to Subban, the pro hockey player popped the question at home in front of Vonn's three dogs. "I got the ring and said, 'You know what? I'm just going to do it [at] home,'" Subban told Vogue. "Everything kind of came together on that day." (Related: Engagement Rings for the Modern Bride)

For now, it seems like Vonn and Subban are pretty stress-free about wedding planning. "I want to wear something green, like my ring, for the after-party," Vonn told Vogue. "Other than that, I honestly haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it. I'm mostly just excited for the future!"



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