Lizzo Used Her SNL Monologue to Talk About How Much She Loves Herself

The singer was the host and musical guest of the latest episode of the sketch comedy show.

Lizzo wearing a blue dress on stage at SNL
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When it comes to self-love, Lizzo always walks the walk, whether she's celebrating her body and all its changes on social media or sharing the affirmations she recites to remind herself that she is, in fact, 100 percent that bitch.

The hitmaker took her signature "Good as Hell" vibes all the way to the Saturday Night Live stage, where she served as both the host and musical guest for last week's episode. The night was a historic one — Lizzo was the first host in SNL history to introduce themselves as the musical act, and her second performance got a sweet introduction from her mom, Shari Johnson-Jefferson. The singer delivered her longstanding message of self loveto the show's millions of viewers, closing her opening monologue with a reminder that no dream is too far out of reach.

Right out of the gate, the first-time SNL host poked fun at her penchant for nudity in her monologue by joking, "My name is Lizzo and, yes, I'm shocked I have clothes on too." Aside from letting her impressive comedic timing shine — even joking about the rumor she started that she's pregnant with Chris Evans' baby, adding, "It's called manifesting!" — she also used the opportunity to speak proudly about the epic level-up she's experienced: She went from living in her car to hosting SNL. (She also referenced her incredible TED Talk about twerking.)

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The Yitty founder ended her monologue by joking that she was "thrilled to be hosting this particular episode" of the iconic sketch comedy series "especially because I do love tonight's musical guest. It's me!"

"No, but really, I do love myself," she continued. "Everybody should love themselves. At every show, I tell my audience the same thing, and I'll tell y'all too: I love you, you are beautiful, and you can do anything. I'm living proof of that. I used to live in my car, and now I'm hosting Saturday Night Live," Lizzo concluded to the sounds of cheers and applause from the studio audience — surely from the many viewers at home as well.

Of course, longtime fans of the "Truth Hurts" singer know that the 33-year-old has always been open and honest about her personal journey towards self-love, and that it hasn't always been an easy one. She didn't feel represented by what she saw in the media growing up, and it took time for her to reclaim the "God-given confidence" she was born with but lost along the way, as she recently told TODAY.

"I feel like we're all born confident," she shared in the TODAY interview. "I think as we get older, we start to develop insecurities." She noted that she's worked hard to chip away at that self doubt over the years, adding, "I think I just kind of started to tear those insecurities down and reclaim the confidence I was born with."

Her global fanbase is surely grateful to her for being so candid and vulnerable, even when it's likely not easy to do so. Take it from her forthcoming single, "Special," in which she sings: "In case nobody told you today, you're special / In case nobody made you believe, you're special / Well, I'll always tell you the same, you're special."

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