And yes, the singer's progress looks good as hell.
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Lizzo splits
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Lizzo has been working on her fitness.

In a new video posted Sunday on her Instagram page, the "Rumors" singer gave fans a peek at her latest athletic venture: learning how to do the splits. (Related: Lizzo Shared Workout Videos on TikTok with a Loud Message for Body-Shamers)

"DONT GET MAD WHEN I BUSS THE SPLITS AT UR FUNCTION 😤🔥🤸🏾‍♀️," wrote Lizzo on Instagram. At the start of the video, the 33-year-old singer is seen getting into formation on the floor, with her back leg slightly bent and her front leg extended. As the clip continues, though, Lizzo moves from the floor to the top of a table, where her back leg is fully extended with a little help from her coach.

"I've NEVER been close to the splits in my life! One session with @wadebryant_ and I'm on my way," continued Lizzo on Instagram, while also giving Wade Bryant, a stretch coach and a certified personal trainer, a shoutout to her 11.7 million followers. (Related: Lizzo Is Using This Underrated Fitness Equipment to Step Up Her Home Workouts)

And, based on the comments from Sunday's Instagram video, it's clear that Lizzo's biggest fans are also impressed with her physical prowess.

"I am so proud of you. I always wanted to do the splits and I struggle too!!!!" wrote one fan in the comments while another shared, "Yessssss!!!!! Go you!!! She said she can!! So she did!!!"

In addition to her fans, Bryant also celebrated Lizzo in the comments of her Instagram post, writing: "'Yesterdays price is not todays price' I wish everyone experienced who you are in person dope humble soul! Thank you for this moment." (Related: The Workouts Lizzo Does to ~Feel Good As Hell~ While She's On the Road Touring)

Stax Lizzo Outfit
Credit: Stax

Beyond her splits progression, Lizzo's fans were also fawning over her cherry-red, two-piece ensemble worn during the session. Fortunately, you too can snag the very set for under $75 (yes, really).

Stax Lizzo Outfit
Credit: Stax

The set is sold separately by the Australian athleisure brand, STAX., which is known for selling high-quality apparel at affordable prices. For instance, the STAX. BB V1 Cropped Tank (which is sold in sizes XXS-4XL) will cost you $35, and the STAX. BB Midi Bike Shorts (which are also sold in sizes XXS-4XL) are available for $39.

$75 to look like Lizzo? Now that's a steal!