Lizzo Called Out a Troll Who Accused Her of "Using Her Body to Get Attention"

The troll seemed to accidentally find their way into Lizzo's DMs.

Lizzo performs onstage at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
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If there's anyone who knows how to unapologetically be herself, it's Lizzo. When she's not creating incredible music, the singer uses her platform to speak out about body acceptance, mental health, and the importance of empowering women.

But even when someone tries to put Lizzo down, the singer continues to own her identity.

Case in point: Someone recently slipped into Lizzo's DMs to share a video of what appears to be the singer twerking with several other women.

"Lol I don't mind this," the person wrote alongside a still of the video. "It's when she talks all ghetto I don't like. And what's with her talking about woman power but doing the exact opposite by objectifying them by only using her body to get attention. Isn't that defeating the purpose lol."

It seems pretty clear that the person meant to DM a friend. But instead, they accidentally sent their messages to Lizzo, who didn't hesitate to share a screenshot of the DMs on her Instagram. "Somebody come get this girl, I think she got lost in my DMs..." the singer captioned her post.

Fortunately, several people came to Lizzo's defense in the comments section: "The 'I don't mind this' is worse than the second part," wrote Broad City star, Ilana Glazer. "Her entitlement to assume she's in a position to evaluate you infuriates me. You are such a star, Lizzo, from the inside out, from your heart to your eyes and ears: thank you for your vulnerability. This woman thinks that accepting the shade from the patriarchy's umbrella will keep her safe, but it won't."

"I'm not sure what she's looking at but I'm looking at power. You're beautiful and the world is yours," commented rapper/singer, Brooke Candy. "Woman power is doing exactly what you want with your body without putting other women down because they choose to do differently with theirs," added Australian model and activist, Stefania Ferrario.

Ferrario and Candy really hit the nail on the head: Owning your power as a woman not only means doing what you want with your body, it also means respecting what other women do with their bodies—even if their actions aren't aligned with yours.

As much as Lizzo tries to empower people, though, she knows she can't please everyone. "Someone's always going to have a critique, someone's always going to have some negativity to say about me. So all that matters is what I think of it," she told Jameela Jamil in a recent interview for Jamil's IGTV series, I Weigh Conversations.

Regardless of any trolls who might assume Lizzo "uses her body to get attention", the singer is confident about what her intentions really are. "I'm doing this for myself," Lizzo recently told Essence magazine. "I love creating shapes with my body, and I love normalizing the dimples in my butt or the lumps in my thighs or my back fat or my stretch marks. I love normalizing my Black-ass elbows. I think it's beautiful."

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