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Maria Menounos Shares How She's Still Suffering from Symptoms After Brain Surgery

It's been nearly three months since E! News personality Maria Menounos shared her shocking brain tumor diagnosis and the 7-hour surgery she underwent that helped save her life. Now, she's opening up to Today for the first time to share how her life has changed since the traumatizing event and what her future holds.

"Overall, I feel so lucky to be functioning and to be almost normal and to not have cancer," the 39-year-old said.

While she's been recovering well, she still experiences some physical side-effects—finding it hard to chew on her right side and often getting dizzy after moving her head too quickly.

Those struggles, however, pale in comparison to what her mother is going through as she battles stage 4 brain cancer.

"It's a process," Menounos said. "And right now, she's stable and doing well…It's an emotional ride."

Menounos is taking some time off from her television career and is focusing on her recovery and being there for her family. As difficult as this time has been, she's maintained a positive outlook and taken the experience as a blessing in disguise.

"I'm just so much calmer I think because I just see things so differently now," she continued to tell Today. "I did shift everything into positives throughout this whole journey and I think that's really important because we are all going to have really hard times in life. It's how we respond, how we react, how we shift to see the good. Because out of every bad thing, something good comes if you see it, if you open your mind to it."



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