Because we should all have higher standards for our pads and tampons

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: March 08, 2019

You know Maya Rudolph from Bridesmaids. You know her from Saturday Night Live. You might even remember her from 50 First Dates. But now, you'll forever remember her catchy "vajingle" in this incredibly bizarre-but oh-so-Maya-ad for Seventh Generation. Sing with us: "Heyyyy, Mr. Chemical, stay away from my va-jay-jay."

While her weird singing, freestyle lyrics, and facial expressions are what really make us love this commercial, it has a pretty important message too: There are all sorts of scary ingredients in our go-to tampons and pads that we don't even think (or know!) about. Seventh Generation says that most feminine hygiene products are treated with harsh chemicals to deodorize and add fragrance (which have been linked to serious health effects like allergies, asthma, cancer, and reproductive harm). (BTW, our sexpert says your vagina is supposed to smell, so stop trying to cover it up.)

That's why the brand (you might know them for their household cleaning, laundry, and baby products) launched a #ComeClean campaign to spread the word about the scary stuff in the products we use in, on, and around our bodies, and to inspire people to choose ones that are "free and clear" of all that nonsense. (They even have an ingredient glossary so you can decode exactly what's in each of their products.)

They're not just saying, "buy our brand!" either. They're calling for greater transparency for all feminine products, because right now companies don't have to include every single thing that goes into the product on the shelves-a bit sketchy, right? We know our "lady biz" is a sensitive spot, so it's pretty reasonable to want to know exactly what's going in there. After all, you're probably pretty selective about which partners get to spend some time with your ~temple~, so why not be that particular about your products?

You can take action by supporting Women's Voices for the Earth in their effort to "Detox the Box" and ask feminine care manufacturers to disclose ALL the ingredients used in their products. Or choose products from brands like Seventh Generation; LOLA and Cora, for example, are 100 percent open about how they make their tampons and pads. (ICYMI, this isn't the only period issue people are up in arms about.)

Because, as Maya Rudolph says, "who needs that shiz in their lady biz? Not me!"



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