The singer went to the dentist thinking she was only getting one wisdom tooth removed—but then she wound up getting all four taken out.

By Faith Brar
November 21, 2019
Credit: Instagram/@meghan_trainor

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is no fun—a sentiment that Meghan Trainor seems like she can relate to. The singer recently paid her dentist a visit thinking she only had to have one of her wisdom teeth removed. But, when she got to her appointment, she was informed that all four had to go.

"I was initially going to just take one wisdom tooth out," she wrote on Instagram yesterday.  "The dentist said they all had to go. Wasn't emotionally or mentally prepared but sure got some great content."

And she wasn't kidding. A series of photos and videos show Trainor hilariously out of sorts, seemingly still coming off the medication she was given to undergo the procedure. ICYDK, along with local anesthesia on the gums, dentists often give patients sedation or general anesthesia to help make wisdom tooth surgery more comfortable, according to the Mayo Clinic. While it's not clear what Trainor was given, both forms of anesthesia suppress your consciousness, causing you to feel tired and loopy afterward—something Trainor kindly demonstrated in her comical post. (Related: 5 Ways Your Teeth Can Impact Your Health)

One of the many videos she shared was filmed by a friend while she was still at the dentist's office. In the clip, the Grammy winner gave a tearful shoutout to her manager, Tommy Bruce, with a mouth stuffed full of cotton swabs and a giant wrap around her head. "Is this for Tommy?" Trainor asks in the video. "I love you so much," she continued emotionally. "I, like, can't cry, because it hurts, but I love you so much. You do so much for me and I love you forever. I miss you." (Related: Meghan Trainor Opens Up About What Finally Helped Her Deal with Her Anxiety)

Later, Trainor documented her car ride back home, bringing her fans along for her post-op journey. In one video, she tries to sing along to her song "Working On It" and in another, she appears to be sleeping before zooming in on a fellow passenger in the back seat and then saying, "I regret."

Here's to hoping the singer is on the mend and treating herself to a long nap after a day full of painful, yet hilarious shenanigans.


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