'Modern Family' Alum Julie Bowen Helped Rescue a Woman Who Fainted In Arches National Park

A New Jersey woman recalled being aided by a good Samaritan who had a "familiar voice."

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"Modern Family" alum Julie Bowen is a real-life hero.

The 51-year-old actress, who played Claire Dunphy on the long-running ABC sitcom, recently came to the aid of New Jersey resident Minnie John, who fainted at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, while traveling with loved ones earlier this month.

In a series of messages posted to her Facebook page on Tuesday, August 3, John detailed how Arches National Park had been part of her travel bucket list and how she longed to see the Delicate Arch, a 52-foot-tall freestanding natural arch. "It was such a treacherous climb much more than anything we imagined but sheer determination or absurdity made me want to climb as a woman in my late 50s and one who has an artificial knee, who has never walked much since my surgery, I felt the need to climb," recalled John in her Facebook post.

John, who was joined by husband Shaji and their son Brandon, said in her Facebook post that as she neared the end of the trek, she began to feel "light-headed," as if she was "going to faint." John then recounted how she sat near the path to collect herself as other travelers, including her family, made their way to the site. "I sat there holding my head in hands and waited," shared John.

Although John didn't remember the moment she fainted, she recalled being attended to by someone with a "familiar voice." "My eyes were closed and they said I will be fine and they were cleaning my face and bandaging me up," detailed John in her Facebook post. "As my eyes started to focus more, she smiled and took her hair tie off and shook her hair for me to figure out. Her sister the doctor asked me to guess and I told her I just hit my head, I can't remember. She said smiling 'Modern Family' and I said of course!" (

Bowen was traveling with her sister, Annie Luetkemeyer, M.D., professor of medicine at the Univesity of California, San Francisco. John added in her Facebook post that Bowen and her sister had been walking with a guide, who saw her fall forward. "My glasses broke my fall flat down, hitting my head on the flat rock breaking my skin on various areas near my nose. They had everything to clean up my wounds and set me up," shared John, who then thanked Bowen and other good Samaritans for helping to contact her family during the harrowing ordeal.

"They used my phone in my purse to call Brandon," wrote John on Facebook. "It was a 20-minute trek to them. Some ran ahead to find them. Such wonderful men and women, selflessly giving of themselves!" John, a diabetic, also revealed in her social media post from last Tuesday that she only had a flask of water with me and did not eat anything other than breakfast and an apple pie that day. "I passed out before my sugar went low and dehydration," she said on Facebook, later adding, "Had I known it was so treacherous, I would not have done it, but I was so proud to reach the top and got to meet my good Samaritans God sent for me at the right moment." (

Fortunately for John, Bowen and her sister — along with some good Samaritans — were all in the right place at the right time.

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