Let the Games begin.

By Moira Lawler
August 05, 2016

Nearly every news story surrounding this year's Olympic Games in Rio has been kind of a downer. Think: Zika, athletes bowing out, polluted water, crime-ridden streets, and sub-par athlete housing. All of that negative chatter stopped temporarily last night when the opening ceremony in Rio's Maracanã Stadium officially marked the start of the Games. Didn't have time to sit through the hours-long ceremony (and about as many commercial breaks as countries that paraded through the stadium)? We got you. Take in all of the highlights here.

1. All jokes aside about the polluted waters, it's clear there's a serious environmental issue in Brazil and throughout the world. So Brazil took their moment in the spotlight to bring attention to climate change, rising sea levels, greenhouse gases, melting icecaps, and the threatened future of their national tree. All of this real talk proves the opening ceremony is more than just a spectacle.

2. Brazilian-born Gisele Bundchen strutted along what had to be the longest runway of her life (and her final one, too). Oh, and she did it in a floor-length metallic gown with a super severe slit. But she completely owned it (in case you had any doubt).

3. And then Gisele partied it up with her fellow Brazilians. Cue even more envy of everyone in that crowd...

4. The Refugee Olympic Team received a roaring standing ovation when they stepped into the stadium. Usually, it's the world's most populated countries that garner the most applause, but the small-and-mighty group of 10 refugees made their debut as one of the most welcomed groups of athletes.

5. The flag bearer from Tonga proved there's no such thing as too much body oil. Or is there?

6. The best color-coordinating moment of the night goes to Jamaican track and field star Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Dying your hair your country's colors is next-level patriotism. #HairGoals

7. Everyone got all hot and bothered over the Iraqi flag bearer. Hence all of the cat calling that went down on Twitter.

8. Kenya's Kipchoge Keino ran with a group of kids who carried kites displaying messages of peace. And that gave us all the feels.

9. Then, there was that time the entire stadium basically became the Olympic cauldron.

Let the Games begin!


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