We investigated her Instagram to find out who Puerto Rico's first gold medalist really is

By Julia Malacoff
August 15, 2016

Monica Puig won tennis gold in Rio, which is big news not just because she's the first person from team Puerto Rico to win a gold medal, but also because she's the first woman from Puerto Rico to win an Olympic medal at all. Talk about breaking barriers. After a little Instagram investigation, we realized that Puig is just a normal twenty-something woman, who likes to spend time with her family, stay fit, and oh yeah-win gold medals. Here are five reasons we can't get enough of her.

1. She has a puppy named Rio.

Puppies get us every time. Hopefully, we'll get to see more snaps of this adorable little guy after the Olympics are over. (Need some puppy-related inspo? Here are The Top 15 Ways Puppies Improve Your Health)

2. She's into nail art.

Her Rio-themed nail decorations are super fun and an amazing way to celebrate her first Olympics. If you look closely at her other 'grams, you'll see that her nails are always on point for competitions.

3. She's serious about fitness of all kinds.

Puig's pull up form is impressive, and if her stamina on the court is any indication, she spends a ton of time training. The tennis champ regularly posts pics of what she's up to in the gym, and whether it's a 7-mile treadmill run or blowing off some steam with a boxing coach, it's always crazy hard.

4. She loves fit fashion.

It's clear that Puig gets excited about new gear she gets to wear on the court, and she makes everything she competes in look stylish and effortless, even when she's slamming serves. (If you need new tennis gear, check out these Tennis Bags You'll Actually Use Off The Courts)

5. She brought home the first gold medal ever for Puerto Rico.

Puig is super-passionate about her home country, even though she moved to Miami as a child. In her post-win interview with NBC, she said, "I just wanted to tell them this is for them. This is definitely for them. They're going through some tough times and they needed this and I needed this. I think I just united a nation. I love where I come from."


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