The Game of Thrones star keeps the focus on why she ran instead of how fast she did it (but, guys, she's really fast!)

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan
Updated: April 26, 2016
Getty Images

We love to run here at Shape-heck, we just held our annual half-marathon with its oh-so-apropos hashtag, #WomenRunTheWorld. Another thing we also love? Game of Thrones. (We're still reeling from Sunday's season premiere.) And Natalie Dormer, the GoT actress who plays Margaery Tyrell, also loves to run.

This past weekend, she pounded the pavement in the 2016 London Marathon, one of the six major marathons across the globe, and finished with an impressive time of 3:51. Reportedly, Dormer, who has run marathons before, wished to just beat her personal record when it came to the race and was "peeved" when she did not, in fact, PR.

And while we totally feel her (because #realtalk, we get competitive sometimes) on missing a PR, especially by less than a minute, we're even more stoked about the answer Dormer gave when reporters asked her about her time. When asked her time-something some of us runners keep close to our chests-she replied with this sick burn. "I don't give a f*ck what my time is. It's about Childline today," Dormer reportedly said. (Thinking about running 26.2? We've got the Top 25 Marathon Training Tips.)

Her focus on her charitable initatives-Dormer raised over $5,000 for the organization, which offers counseling to children under age 19 to talk to about anything from eating disorders to make-out sessions-is worthy of a standing ovation. We think it's so cool that, on a day when Dormer was already in the spotlight (the season premiere of GoT was that evening), she brushed off the personal questions in favor of what she set out to run for: today's youth.

Besides, does it really matter what your time is anyway? We think not.


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