Kourtney shared her three favorite "superfruits" and one of them is unexpected.

By By Renee Cherry
Photo: Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney seems to make the most creative food choices. While Khloé has a go-to pick at popular fast-food chains, Kourtney's sipping on ghee and mysterious white drinks. It's no shocker, then, that Kourtney recently shared a fruit that she keeps on hand, and it's not all that common in the U.S. In a new article on her app, The 3 "Superfruits" I Stock at Home, Kourtney revealed that along with jackfruit and goji berries, she recently added mangosteen to her shopping list.

"Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is soft and creamy with a tangy and sweet flavor," Kourtney writes in her app. She goes on to say that it's a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants called xanthones, which are one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature.

The fruit isn't exactly easy to find for the average non-Kardashian. Until 2007, they were banned from being imported to the U.S., in an effort to avoid bringing over the Asian fruit fly. And they still aren't too common in the states. You may be able to track down the fresh fruit if you do some hunting, but it's easier to find mangosteen dried or in a juice or supplement.

But if you do manage to find a mangosteen at a store near you, Kourt has some suggestions: "Eat them raw (add them to your next fruit salad!) or juiced," she says. "They also make a delicious sorbet flavor."


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