Looks like the latest in health tech just made its way to Hollywood.

By Julia Malacoff
February 22, 2017

While every Oscars nominee hopes they'll end up taking home a gold statue, even the 'losers' receive one heck of a consolation prize: The legendary swag bag that last year totaled over $200,000. Past goody bags have included everything from luxe vacations to jewelry and even free plastic surgery procedures. (For real!) While these types of over-the-top gifts are pretty standard at this point, there was something on the list this year that we were actually pretty shocked to see: an Elvie pelvic floor exercise tracker, which in part, promises to tighten your vagina and pelvic floor. (We had one writer try it out-here's her uncensored take.)

Elvie, which retails for $199, is touted as "your most personal trainer,"-meaning you insert the device into your vagina and then an app guides you through different exercises that are meant to specifically work your pelvic floor. If you've never heard of a pelvic floor exercise tracker, you're not alone. You probably have heard of Kegels, though, which are exercises that target your pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening those muscles has tons of benefits, including preventing incontinence and better orgasms. (P.S. Here's Everything You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.)

While the jury's still out on whether these kinds of devices are as effective as regular-old Kegels, it's cool to see them being included as part of something that is this high-profile. (And this isn't the first time an intimate product has been included, either. Last year, the Fiera vibrator was part of the swag bag.)

Lucky for the Oscars attendees, the Elvie isn't the only wellness-related gift they'll receive. Here are a few more health and fitness items that made the final cut, according to Yahoo! Finance: