Peloton's Ally Love Reveals Her Best Wedding Prep Advice

With her own nuptials just around the corner, the Peloton instructor shares how she's staying mentally and physically fit before her big day.

Peloton's Ally Love Wedding Prep
Photo: Miguel Juarez

Sure, there have been plenty of iconic nuptials over the last few years (see: Harry and Meghan). But there's only one celebration that seemingly everyone's talking about right now (at least among the Peloton fandom), and that's instructor Ally Love's wedding. And after nearly eight months of anticipation, the day is just around the corner: The Peloton instructor is set to say "I do" this weekend to longtime partner Andrew Haynes, who proposed back in January.

"I cannot [sic] believe my wedding week is here!!" she wrote on Instagram Tuesday, alongside a solo shot bursting with bride-to-be glow. "Taking it all in with my friends, family, and community🧡."

If you've ever taken one of Love's legendary classes on Peloton or attended a workshop hosted by her lifestyle brand, Love Squad, then you likely know that she's a powerful motivator and thought leader. And thanks largely in part to the contagious feel-good-energy she brings to the bike, Love's also a profound influencer (in the best sense of the word), with a rapidly-growing community on social media.

But as Love tells Shape, she's "not surprised or shocked by the weight" of her platform and influence. Instead, she's taken her ever-increasing fan base in stride and continues to "show up, be transparent, and say, 'Not every day is a good day, but on my good days, this is how I hustle, this is how I boss up. This is how you have a seat at the table called my life.'" (

As for a seat at her wedding? Odds are pretty high you can't just hustle your way to an invite, but you can, however, get a look into what Love's envisioning for her weekend celebration — the bride-to-be's advice for staying mentally and physically on your game through your big day.

Love's Wedding Prep Pointers

Take care of your mind and spirit. It's of utmost importance "that you take care of yourself mentally and spiritually," according to Love. "That doesn't mean you don't need to take care of yourself physically, [but] when you are in a great headspace, on solid ground, you make better decisions around your life — not just when you're planning a wedding." (

Eliminate roadblocks, eliminate stress. Wedding planning can feel burdensome at times, and, let's face it, no one ever really needs extra stress on their plates. To pare down any potential pressures, Love recommends adopting a more "accessible" exercise routine. Make sure your workout is "easy for you to get to, [that] you have access to it, and it's not going to put you in a position to cause additional stress on your day," she says.

So while you might love that new HIIT class downtown, consider "something that is close to your house that you can get to pretty quickly," suggests Love. This way "you can eliminate all roadblocks to make sure that [your workout] happens." More of an at-home exerciser? You could always follow in Love's footsteps and invest in her favorite workout essentials, which include, not shockingly, the Peloton bike and app. (

Mix up your movement. When it comes to staying active, "the priority is to make sure that you find a workout that's fun and something that you enjoy," she explains. One way to do this? By "diversifying your fitness content" and "having a couple of types of workouts" — something that Love says she does herself, switching between barre, Pilates, cycling, and strength training.

Add workouts to the calendar. "I always say this — [and] this is not just when you're getting married — this is in life: Schedule it!" says Love. "Many of us are people who live by their calendars, and if it's in the calendar, we do it. Don't wait till the day of, and say, 'okay I'm going to definitely get a workout in today,' because life comes at all of us fast." (

Savor the moments before the big day. "I'm excited for this day, but I'm also enjoying the days that are leading up to it because I don't want the day to be over," says Love, who is embracing the whole wedding planning process with unbridled enthusiasm and, well, love. By celebrating every part of the process à la Love you can feel better knowing that the day of — albeit, in Love's words, "magical [and] legendary" — will likely go by in the blink of an eye. This way, however, you've already had months of marriage-y moments.

Love's Wedding Day Intentions

Since getting engaged earlier this year, the Peloton instructor has made a concerted effort to take a "thoughtful" approach to wedding planning. And while the day is still around the corner, Love has an idea as to how she'll (hopefully) spend the hours before walking down the aisle. To start, Love plans to pray and meditate with her best friends to "get grounded in the morning and ask God to protect us on this journey and this day," she says.

"The rest of the itinerary? Hyping each other up, passing good vibes around, and a dance party to one killer playlist that will be a mix of country, pop, hip-hop, and her girlfriends singing 'Best Friend' by Saweetie. "I think they're going to be with me and just giving me the most compliments and motivating me, saying 'Yes Queen' and 'Yes sis' all day long! I'm excited for that," she shares.

From then on, whatever happens, happens, according to Love, who says that she and Haynes are not "subscribing to perfect." "It will be an experience that will mean so much, that will sincerely be what we didn't know we needed, and that's what we're leaning into," she explains.

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