Peloton Instructor Chelsea Jackson Roberts Announced She's Pregnant with Her First Child

Her friend and meditation buddy, Jennifer Garner, had the sweetest reaction to the news.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts Smiling
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On Sunday, Peloton yoga and meditation instructor Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D. announced that the Peloton family is getting a bit bigger. She shared the happy news that she's expecting her first baby with her husband, and seemingly no one is more excited than Jackson Roberts' pal, Jennifer Garner.

Jackson Roberts first shared the news during a 30-minute gospel slow flow yoga session, noting that she's "so grateful to be able to celebrate the sun beginning to shine." She expressed her love for her husband and her Peloton family, adding, "The sun for me right now is that I can celebrate that my husband and I are expecting our first baby into the world."

Later that same day, the first-time mom-to-be linked up with Garner for their monthly virtual meditation series, sharing her exciting news right from the jump. "I have something for you, Jen," Jackson Roberts says with a smile, before holding up a black onesie featuring the words: "Jen! You're gonna be an Auntie!" (ICYDK, Jackson Roberts and Garner's friendship began after they started hosting guided meditation sessions back in 2020.)

Garner appears to be overcome with emotion in the video, as the two celebrate the news. "I'm so happy for you," says Garner, as she seems to hold back tears. Jackson Roberts also used the opportunity to discuss how good things are always around the corner, even when that doesn't seem to be the case.

"As you know, Jen, we've been friends now for a couple of years, and I shared with you last year when we experienced loss and how rough that was for us," she says in the video. "And more than anything, I want to share that, and I want to be vulnerable in sharing that with folks, because it is a part of life that I never knew I would be able to navigate."

Jackson Roberts credits friends, her partner, her family, and her multiple yoga communities, including her Peloton family, for supporting her, noting that anyone can relate to the experience of feeling like they're weathering one of life's "storms." "One of the hardest parts for me is that when you're in the storm, it's often hard to remember that on the other side of the clouds, the sun is still there," she says in the Instagram video.

Now, Jackson Roberts seems to be basking in the sunshine, as she's is in her second trimester and "feeling good." She even already spotted her baby doing a child's pose at her 18-week ultrasound appointment, the yoga instructor says in the Instagram Live.

Over the weekend, she also posted a few selfies on the 'gram featuring her growing belly and a big smile. "Embarking on the BIGGEST yoga practice of my life and all I can say is my heart is FULL of gratitude 🙏🏾," she wrote in the caption.

Jackson Roberts isn't the only Peloton instructor with a baby on the way. Cycling instructor Jess King and fellow yoga and meditation teacher Anna Greenberg are also expecting their first babies in the coming months. And they're sure to receive plenty of support, love, and guidance from fellow Peloton moms, Robin Arzón and Kirsten Ferguson. (Next up: How Peloton Is Working to Change the Narrative On Prenatal Fitness)

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