How Rachel Brosnahan Finally Accepted That Her 'Physical Health Journey Wouldn't Look Like Other People's'

The actress got real about caring for her mental and physical well-being, the importance of setting boundaries, and her commitment to finding balance.

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With a seemingly endless supply of Instagram posts from "fitfluencers" who regularly break a sweat at 6 a.m. and TikTok videos of "That Girl" who journals and moves through a Pilates workout all before the sun rises, it's far too easy to feel a ashamed for having a less-than stellar wellness routine.

But in her latest interview with Health, Rachel Broshanan made it clear that she's done trying to fit herself into that cookie-cutter picture of wellness. In the magazine's December issue, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star opened up about struggling to stick with a fitness routine and how "impossible" it is for her to work out first thing in the morning, like the folks featured in health magazines often do. Over time, though, she's come to terms withher own wants, needs, and preferences. "Once I realized that it was OK that my physical health journey wouldn't look like other people's, it became about finding ways to do what I can, when I can," she told Health.

One of Brosnahan's go-to methods to fit in fitness: Using an app to find classes that mesh with her inconsistent work hours wherever she's currently stationed, she told Health. "I was recently [filming] in New Mexico and started taking Pilates, which I love," she added. "I've noticed a big difference in my posture and core strength." (See: The Best Home Workout Apps to Download Right Now)

To care for her mental health and stay centeredwith an ever-changing schedule, the actress said she attends therapy, cuddles her dogs "as often as I possibly can," and as of late, presses pause on her work during the weekends.

"There's a 24-hour news cycle, we're accessible 24 hours via social media, and are expected to answer emails 24 hours a day — I've found that quite unhealthy for me," says Brosnahan. "So, I have tried as often as possible to really put down work on the weekends. I preserve that time to see friends and family and take the dogs on a long walk."

At the core of Brosnahan's entire approach to wellness is "a commitment to striving for balance, even if balance is a fantasy," she told Health. The actress tunes into her body, heart, and gut to figure out exactly what she needs to prioritize at any given moment, whether it be friends, family, work, or her health.

And she's finally starting to master the art of saying no, setting boundaries around her personal time, and protecting her physical and mental health, she said. "As I get older, I do believe that you can have it all, I just don't believe that you can have it all at once," said Brosnahan. "Accepting that has made me so much gentler with myself and with people around me, as we all try to navigate whatever that balance looks like for ourselves."

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