Rebel Wilson's Latest Post Will Make You Want to Try Axe Throwing

The actress shared a photo of herself trying out the activity in a recent Instagram post.

Rebel Wilson
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Rebel Wilson is all about having fun while staying active. From tire flipping to surfing and using a giant vodka bottle as a dumbbell, there's seemingly nothing she won't try. Wilson's most recent venture will no doubt inspire anyone who's looking to let go of a little rage during their leisure time.

The 42-year-old actress shared two Instagram photos from a recent trip to Iceland, writing in her caption that she was "training hard." While she didn't elaborate on what, exactly, she's training for, Wilson wields an axe and faces a wooden target in the second photo. And if you've never considered adding axe throwing into your schedule, you'll probably want to take a cue from the Pitch Perfect alum pronto.

In the past several years, axe-throwing bars have been popping up everywhere, where guests can rent lanes and enjoy drinks and snacks while they throw an axe at a target. And while the thought of drinking and wielding an axe might sound questionable, devotees of the activity consider it a fun way to blow off some steam with pals.

Today's version of axe throwing first popped up in Toronto in 2006, when bartender Matt Wilson began throwing an axe at a tree stump in his backyard with friends for fun, according to the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL). The game caught on, developed into a full-fledged sport, and inspired various axe-throwing venues around the world, according to the BATL.

The activity is a great form of exercise for both physical and mental health, says Erin Kenny, frontliner of franchise operations at Stumpy's Hatchet House. Physically speaking, "The motion of throwing an axe is less about strength and more about shoulder control," explains Kenny. The core is also engaged during the throwing motion while the non-dominant foot is in front of you. Then there's the mental release. "Keeping your eye on the target is the number one rule, and what you picture in place of that bullseye is up to you," says Kenny.

While any leisure activity can be a great way to decompress, there's undoubtedly something extra satisfying about (safely!) throwing an axe toward a target. Of course, it's also fun to try something new, as Wilson can clearly attest to. Snagging that bullseye surely feels gratifying, so the actress is probably onto something with this one.

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