Rebel Wilson On Gaining 'Newfound Confidence' After Reaching Her Health Goals

The actress shared some of the "unexpected" benefits she experienced after her "year of health."

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Rebel Wilson has been on quite the journey since declaring 2020 her "year of health," and she's opening up about how she's doing two years later. In addition to feeling better physically, she's also brimming with confidence and excitement for the future, according to a new interview with Yahoo! Life. (

"I do feel the best I've ever felt," Wilson told the publication. "It's not just about how I look on the outside, but kind of how I feel about myself." Although, she was clear that she's always possessed confidence. "I do think beauty is in all shapes," she said in the interview. "There were times when I rocked the red carpet in a size 18, size 20, and you could tell by the pictures, I was really confident and loving myself. But I knew secretly that I was engaging in some unhealthy eating behaviors, and that's what I wanted to work on."

Since 2020, Wilson has reached her goal weight, sharing pieces of her journey along the way. She's been vocal about her love of walking, posted videos of a surf lesson, and even showed off an intense tire flipping workout on Instagram. The Bridesmaids alum also previously revealed that her weight loss helped her reduce inflammation that she didn't even realize she had.

"So now, because I am a healthier person, that shines through. A lot of my friends say that even though I was confident before, I have a newfound confidence," she said in the Yahoo! Life interview.

That confidence seems to be visible in Wilson's recent work. The Aussie native has expanded her professional horizons from her usual goofy roles (though she still loves those, as evidenced by her upcoming Netflix comedy Senior Year) to include serious dramas, such as the upcoming film The Almond and The Seahorse. The shift is notable since she previously revealed that not everyone in her life was supportive of her health goals, fearing she wouldn't be cast as "the funny fat girl" anymore — and now she's loving the new roles she's taken on.

"When I was heavier, it was kind of like a barrier," she said in the recent interview. "In some ways, that barrier protected me from things, but now that it's gone, I'm much rawer as a person. It's had an unexpected benefit of helping my acting, because I've not got anything protecting me, I'm raw. I'm just weirdly a much better actress, and I never thought that would be a side benefit."

That rawness extends to her life off-screen as well. Wilson said she's no longer apologizing for who she is or what she wants to do, whether in her professional or personal life.

"Now that I'm in my 40s, what I'm most unapologetic about is the times when I'm 'feral,'" she said in the recent interview, explaining that 'feral' is an Australian word meaning "not put together" (aka when your hair is a mess and you're not wearing makeup). "I'm just coming into my own power in a way, so I can be like, 'Oh, is that something I really want to do or not?' And if not, so be it."

There's no doubt Wilson has always been a confident person and talented actress, so with this newfound unapologetic nature, there's no telling what she'll do next.

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