Reebok Offers Big Bucks to Presidential Candidates If They Can Run a Mile Under 10 Mins

Evidence that getting fit can pay off—big time—in more ways than one

Among all the presidential race buzz, everyone's asking: Which of these people can best run our country? But Reebok is asking an even better question: Are any of them fit enough to run our country? (We've already asked Who Are the Healthiest 2016 Presidential Candidates?)

They're offering a $50,000 donation to the health charity of the canidate's choice if they can complete a one mile run in less than 10 minutes, according to a blog post on Reebok's website. While American citizens are considering health care and immigration policies, economic plans and tax regulations of the candidates, Reebok wants to know who is #FitToLead. (Although, in that case, maybe we should just hand the reigns over to the Fittest Woman on Earth.)

"As the home of fitness, Reebok believes there's an essential mental, physical, and social transformation that occurs through exercise," wrote Blair Hammond, Reebok Global Community Manager, in the blog post. "In essence, a better more rigorous workout builds a better, more rigorous brain. And a better brain can't hurt when you're on the global stage."

Fitness has been a key part of many successful presidencies: Teddy Roosevelt was was a wrestler and outdoorsman, Ronald Reagan was an advocate of a weights-and-calisthenics workout plan, Bill Clinton was famous for taking the Secret Service on jogs, current president Barack Obama boasts a non-negotiable, six-day-a-week workout routine. Plus, with the White House leading so many get-healthy initiatives, like the President's ChallengeSHAPE America, and Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign, it's crucial for the leader of our country to practice what they preach.

But so far, we haven't seen any candidates lacing up their running shoes, according to a Reebok tweet on February 29. If they actually raced, we'd have to place bets on Marco Rubio, who attended college for a year on a football scholarship, running a 4.65-second 40-yard dash at his fastest, according to an interview in the Washington Times. Or there's 74-year-old Bernie Sanders, who claimed to be a "very good long-distance runner" when he was young in an interview with CNN. However, Hillary Clinton told Harper's Bazaar she does grueling 6 a.m. workouts with a personal trainer up to three times a week-we would love to see her crush the mile and show off a little girl power. As for Trump? His go-to exercise is golf, which unfortunately, might not help him run a quick mile. (Thinking of voting for him anyway? Here's what it says about your sex life.)

Though Super Tuesday has passed and some candidates have dropped out of the presidential race, we hope some of the remaining ones will take advantage of Reebok's race. Politicians, may the odds be ever in your favor. (Even better: If you want to take the challenge, use these Tips to Shave a Minute Off Your Mile.)

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