The singer is all about freeing the pimple in 2020.

By Faith Brar
January 07, 2020

When it comes to glitz and glam, Rihanna takes the crown. But to ring in 2020, the singer and Fenty Beauty creator shared a rare makeup-free selfie that garnered millions of likes within minutes.

"First selfie of the year doe," Rihanna wrote alongside the photo, which shows her sporting a low-key hoodie and a silver ball choker necklace while holding her hair up in a high bun. (Related: Rihanna Revealed How She Maintains a Healthy Work-Life Balance)

Unsurprisingly, thousands of fans were quick to comment on the post. Many people complimented RiRi's natural beauty, while others asked about the singer's much-anticipated upcoming album. One follower, however, noticed a (barely visible) pimple on the performer's cheek, commenting: "Let me pop your pimple." (Related: This Woman's Horrifying Story About Popping Pimples Will Make You Never Want to Touch Your Face Again)

In true Rihanna fashion, the beauty mogul clapped back at the skin shamer in a matter of moments. "Let her have her shine, PLEASE," she replied, which immediately encouraged her army of fans to come to her defense. (BTW, Rihanna knows how to shut down fat-shamers, too.)

"In a world of Instagram filters, you post a bare face and people be looking for imperfections," commented one person. "WE STAN YOUR PIMPLE," said another. (Related: Why You Shouldn't Shame Your Skin)

ICYDK, Rihanna isn't the only celeb (or even everyday person, for that matter) to get skin-shamed by internet trolls. Beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan has repeatedly stood up to haters who post negative comments about her cystic acne. Then there's Busy Philipps, who recently received a rude Instagram DM telling her it's "ironic" that she's starred in an Olay campaign because she has "terrible" skin. Even Kim Kardashian West has called out certain news outlets for writing about her "bad skin days", despite the fact that she's been open about her struggles with psoriasis.

Regardless of whether someone shares a photo of themselves with acne, psoriasis, or in Rihanna's case, a tiny pimple, no one deserves to be shamed for their skin. Props to these ladies for handling mean-spirited comments with grace and reminding people that skin-shaming is simply not okay.



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