Rihanna Had the Most Appropriate Response to Everyone Who's Been Fat-Shaming Her

She's not about to get offended.

Rihanna has not stopped killing the game throughout her entire career. But shocker of shockers, Internet trolls have recently been discussing her weight instead of her music. Yes, Rihanna is aware, and decided to respond to all the ridiculous chatter by commenting on a fan account's Instagram video "Somebody called me too fat?" with three laugh-crying emoji, suggesting that she actually gets a kick out of the fact that so many people feel compelled to make a big deal about her weight.

The video in question was a fan's repost showing Rihanna carrying snacks around a convenience store. In the old video, which was originally taken in 2015, the friend capturing the video points out her snacks and Rihanna's childhood best friend Melissa Forde responds "stop judging her!"


ICMYI, the body shaming has gone beyond your standard-issue troll tweets. Barstool Sports met backlash after publishing a 350-word article asking if Rihanna would make "fat the hot new trend this summer." (Don't worry, the sexist jerk was promptly schooled on Twitter.) Rihanna previously addressed comments about her weight with a meme that said, "If you can't handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don't deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane" and a sad face.

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But lest you were concerned she was actually taking the ridiculous controversy over her body to heart, this latest comment seems to be confirmation that she really doesn't take trolls seriously. Yes, she hears the noise, but she really can't be bothered (because um, she's freaking Rihanna) and is going to continue to laugh the haters off. Thank you for the important lesson, RiRi.

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