She opened up about the "ever-changing self-confidence" she has about her bump.

By Julia Guerra
August 13, 2019
Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

Sarah Hyland has spent most of her adult life battling a variety of health issues. She's been diagnosed with endometriosis, dealt with mysterious illnesses that landed her in the hospital, and perhaps most notably, she's undergone not one, but two kidney transplants.

Hyland has already proven she isn't afraid to show her kidney-surgery scars. But she's also admitted that she wears shapewear sometimes to conceal the bump in her stomach caused by her kidney transplants. (ICYDK, while your kidneys are located near your lower back, surgeons place a transplanted kidney in the front of your body, near the lower abdomen.)

Over the weekend, however, Hyland ditched the shapewear and put her kidney bump on full display during her performance at the Teen Choice Awards—her first time singing for a nationally televised audience.

In an Instagram post following the awards show, Hyland admitted she felt both "excited" and "terrified" to perform. She went on to thank the crowd for their support, as well as the Teen Choice Awards for inviting her to sing. But she also took a moment to show gratitude for herself.

"A final thank you to my ever changing self confidence for making the decision to not wear Spanx and let my KUPA (kidney upper pussy area) shine like the badass bitch she is," Hyland wrote.

Tons of people flocked to the comments section to support Hyland's confidence and her transparency about the realities of kidney dysplasia, a health condition in which someone is born with underdeveloped kidneys. (Related: Sarah Hyland Says She's Had 16 Surgeries Related to Her Kidney Dysplasia)

"Yeassss girl. So proud," wrote Lily Collins. "HaKUPA Matata, it's a wonderful phrase, it means no worries for the rest of your days," added Gossip Girl alum, Michelle Trachtenberg. Hyland's Modern Family co-star, Sofia Vergara also showered her with love through a series of heart emojis.

Hyland's fans applauded her in the comments section as well: "Your kupa is giving my Kupa so much confidence right now," wrote one person. "I have a kupa myself from kidney surgery, this just gives me all the more confidence to rock mine! You rocked that performance and looked stunning doing it!" said another.

While Hyland's confidence remains strong these days, she's also been open about the fact that accepting her body—KUPA, kidney scars, and all—is an ongoing process. (Related: Modern Family's Sarah Hyland Talks Body Confidence and the Meaning Behind Her Tattoo)

"It's this bittersweet moment of, 'Oh my gosh. I have new life,' but then also being an actress and being held up to this sort of pedestal of how you're supposed to look," she recently told SELF. "Sometimes I have complete meltdowns in the middle of fittings. Being like, 'KUPA will show. I really want to wear this dress and you can't hide it.'"

KUPA aside, Hyland says she feels her best when she maintains balance. "It really is this balance of mental, emotional, and physical reality," she told People in a recent interview. "So if you're feeling mentally and emotionally drained, or if you are in a very dark space, you have to pull the string on the other side to lift you up out of that."


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