Sarah Jessica Parker Responded to 'Misogynist Chatter' About Her Appearance and Age

The actress noticed a lot of comments about her gray hair in the lead-up to the Sex and the City reboot — and she had some things to say in return.

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HBO Max will release the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That..., next month (exact release date, TBD) to the delight of self-proclaimed Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes, and Mirandas everywhere. Plenty of SATC fans have expressed nothing but joyful anticipation at the idea of meeting the 2021 versions of the New Yorkers, 23 years after the original series debuted. However, other people have fixated on the lead actors' ages, making comments that Sarah Jessica Parker has not appreciated.

Parker revealed as much in a cover interview for the December issue of Vogue. In response to the announcement of And Just Like That..., people posted photos from the Golden Girls on social media, according to the article.

In the interview, Parker pointed out how the Golden Girls references and other comments about the stars' ages (for reference, Parker is 56) exposed a double standard.

"There's so much misogynist chatter in response to us that would never. Happen. About. A. Man," told Vogue. "'Gray hair gray hair gray hair. Does she have gray hair?' I'm sitting with Andy Cohen and he has a full head of gray hair, and he's exquisite. Why is it okay for him? I don't know what to tell you people!" (

She went on to detail the contradictory comments that she gets on social media about her appearance. "'She has too many wrinkles, she doesn't have enough wrinkles.' It almost feels as if people don't want us to be perfectly okay with where we are, as if they almost enjoy us being pained by who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not look perfect, or whether you do something if that makes you feel better," Parker told Vogue. "I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Disappear?" (

Parker was clearly on a roll and she made some valid points about the way we as a society view aging. It's safe to assume that if the series were a reboot about male characters in their 50's, their ages wouldn't cause a stir — and that Parker wouldn't deal with so much online judgment on the state of her hair and skin.

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