"Please PLEASE do yourself a favor and see this movie."

By Faith Brar
September 12, 2019
Sarah Silverman speaks at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations with "I Love You America, with Sarah Silverman" at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on August 20, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Contributor/Getty Images

Runners everywhere have been waiting to watch Brittany Runs a Marathon since the first preview dropped in June. The highly anticipated film hit the big screen on August 23, and people across the board can't stop singing its praises.

The movie particularly resonated with actress and comedian Sarah Silverman, who recently took to Instagram to share her authentic, unfiltered reaction to the film.

"Okay so I just saw #brittanyrunsamarathon and laughed so hard and now am sobbing," Silverman wrote alongside a few of photos, one of which shows her bawling her eyes out.

"Please PLEASE do yourself a favor and see this movie," she added. "@jillianbell and @michaelawat and the whole cast are amazing."‬

At first, Brittany Runs a Marathon seems like a movie about a woman who loses a bunch of weight and as a result, transforms her life. And while Brittany does shed some pounds (it's hard not to when you're training for a marathon), the story is about so much more than her physical transformation.

The film explores Brittany's training process and how running changes the way she thinks about herself. It also shows that many of her problems in life don't stem from her body at all. Rather, they come from her misguided belief that it's not worth trying to change her job, her habits, or her toxic relationships. (See: This Woman Wants You to Know That Losing Weight Won't Magically Make You Happy)

"Usually in transformation stories it's like, someone loses weight and then their life is great and they get the job and the guy and that's the end of the movie," Jillian Bell, who plays Brittany, said of her role in an interview with The Daily Beast. "This felt different. When she loses weight, she struggles with her insides. We never talk about the emotional journey of those types of characters."

The best part? The movie is actually based on a real woman, making the story that much more inspiring.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is still playing in select theaters, so snag your tickets while they last—and try your best not to ugly-cry like Silverman. (Though we totally won't judge if you do.)