An M.D. weighs in on what conditions frequent finger bruises can be a sign of.

By Renee Cherry
July 16, 2019
Sarah Silverman arrives at the premiere party for the OBB Pictures and Netflix Original Series "Historical Roasts"
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Just days after posting a photo of her "hair elastic injury" Sarah Silverman shared that she's dealing with a finger injury that looks a lot more painful.  This time, her middle finger is black and blue near a joint.

The comedian posted a photo to Instagram of the inside of her hand, with a bruise that'll make you cringe at the sight of it (and thought of what it must feel like for her to bend her finger right now). "My finger joint thing exploded again it just goes POP," she wrote in her caption with a basketball emoji. (ICYDK, she likes to play the sport.)

In between jokes about masturbation and flipping people off, commenters speculated about why Silverman might be susceptible to experiencing the popping sensation and bruising. Several chimed in that they're prone to similar injuries. (Related: Sarah Silverman Says a Radiologist Used His Bare Hands to Apply Gel to Her Breasts During Ultrasound)

It's impossible to know what caused the injury based on a photo, but it likely resulted from a local trauma (maybe from the force of a basketball) in combination with something making Sarah susceptible to internal bleeding, says Dominic Gaziano, M.D., director of Body & Mind Medical Center. "Quite likely, there's a predisposition to bleed and then there is local trauma in the area where the bleeding is," says Dr. Gaziano. Some things that make people more susceptible to internal bleeding include paroxysmal hand hematoma (a syndrome characterized by spontaneous bruising in the hand), Berger's disease (a kidney disease), low platelet count, vitamin K deficiency, and taking certain medications, he says. In short, the injury may or may not be a warning sign of something serious. (Related: Is It Actually Bad to Crack Your Knuckles and Joints?)

Regardless of what led to the gnarly injury, it's safe to say that it hurts like hell. But given that Sarah has cracked jokes during a near-death experience, she no doubt found humor in the situation.