The star reportedly "killed it."

By Faith Brar
October 03, 2017

Selena Gomez recently revealed that she's been taking the summer off to recover from a kidney transplant she underwent as part of her battle with lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and damage to organs. Now, the 25-year-old singer and actress is ready to get back to business and was just seen leaving her first workout after the surgery.

While most of us would probably opt for a quick and easy yoga session or low-impact cardio following such a procedure, Sel opted for something much more intense: a boxing class at Rumble in New York City. The group workout combines HIIT, strength training, metabolic conditioning, and uppercut throwing cardio in one class. (NBD, am I right?)

Decked out in a black Puma crop top and matching mesh leggings, the star "killed it" her first time back, Rumble cofounder and co-owner, Noah D. Neiman, told People. (Related: Bob Harper Is Starting Back at Square One After His Heart Attack)

"She just came in and went hard. We were all, 'Okay, that's what I'm talking about!'" he added. "She said, 'No guys, I'll bring my A game next time' and I was like, 'What?! Look at you, you just had surgery.' She legit has a whole new kidney! But she was great."

Selena's best friend, Francesca Raisa, who donated her kidney, was also seen hitting the gym shortly after the transplant. "Happy to be back," she said on Instagram alongside a picture of her lifting weights and revealing her surgery scars.

How's that for some serious workout inspo?


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