The actress continues to be candid about her journey with MS and how she copes in her day-to-day life.

By Faith Brar
Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Rachel Zoe Collection

It's been months since Selma Blair first revealed she has multiple sclerosis (MS). The actress has since used her platform to raise awareness about the neurologic disease by candidly showing her fans the many ways in which MS affects her everyday life. In February, she showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party using a cane for support, and she's opened up about using a walking bike to help with her mobility issues. More recently, Blair shared that her eyelashes have started to fall out because of her MS treatments. She's also explained how seemingly simple tasks, like doing her makeup, have become much more challenging.

All of these struggles combined have understandably taken a toll on Blair's mental health. Just yesterday, she admitted to having a "tantrum" after dropping her kids off at school. "It happens," she wrote alongside an Instagram selfie. "I won't have a session of complaints publicly. I have some perspective. Now." (Related: Selma Blair Says a 23andMe Test Hinted at Her Future MS Diagnosis)

In part, Blair said she found comfort in an evil eye protection necklace she wore that day, gifted to her by her friend and jewelry designer, Jemma Sands.

"I am truly blessed to have been gifted this #evileye protection necklace," Blair wrote, adding the hashtag: comfort. "The #jemmasands collection is so special. I am a grateful brat today. @jemmasands I needed this."

The evil eye has been considered a good luck charm for thousands of years and has been worn by many celebrities, including Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid. Different cultures use the charm in different ways, but the general consensus is that it can help to ward off negativity, illness, and misfortune, according to BBC Culture. Blair was able to find stability through her necklace in a difficult time, and several of her fans can relate. (Related: 11 Celebrities Who Swear By Crystals for Good Luck, Positive Energy, and More)

"I love that you draw strength from wearing this necklace," wrote one commenter. "I have a silver bracelet given to me by one of my BFs that empowers me. Something about it touching my skin makes me feel invincible. Hard to explain."

"I wear my daughter's necklace and bring my son's tiny dino with me as little strength talismans/armor in stressful situations," shared another.

Several commenters also thanked Blair for her honesty about having a human moment and losing control of her emotions. "I wish more people were real and told the world when everything isn't ok when things hurt and that life isn't perfect," wrote one woman. "Life is beautiful also in the hard times and in tantrums. We know that afterward. Thank you for showing the world how beautiful and facetted life is."

Another commenter reminded Blair that emotional upsets are a part of MS. "Remember MS actually stands for mood swings too," she wrote. "We are all cursed with them and it doesn't mean we are in the wrong to have them either." (Related: Fitness Saved My Life: From MS Patient to Elite Triathlete)

While good luck charms might not be for everyone, Blair's post is a reminder that everyone is entitled to losing it sometimes, as long as you can pick yourself up afterward and continue moving forward. And if a little juju helps you accomplish that, more power to you.


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