Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage In an Emotional Video

The Olympic gymnast and newlywed found out she was pregnant, then miscarried a few days later.

Most of the videos on Shawn Johnson's YouTube channel are lighthearted. (Just like our video testing her fitness I.Q.) She's posted a chubby bunny challenge, a clothing swap with her husband Andrew East, and a series of DIY slime videos. But recently the gymnast took her channel to a more serious place by sharing her miscarriage experience.

At the beginning of the video, Johnson reacts to finding her pregnancy tests positive. She shares that the pregnancy was unplanned and that she feels a mix of emotions: excited, confused, terrified, overwhelmed. Johnson tells East to fly home from a trip and surprises him with the news. Then the video cuts to a few days later with Johnson sharing that she's been experiencing stomach pains and bleeding. Johnson describes the roller coaster of emotions that comes from discovering a surprise pregnancy and a potential miscarriage within a few days. "You go from shock to holy crap to I can't do this to let's do this and now it's like I pray to God I can do this," she says. After a period of suspense waiting for Johnson to have an ultrasound, the couple finds out she miscarried. (

Johnson wanted to share her story with other people dealing with pregnancy complications. "We feel like a lot of people go through this, so we wanted to share it," she prefaced the video. (Gabrielle Union also recently opened up about her miscarriages.)

In a follow-up video, East said that their video inspired many viewers to share their own stories. "It was very scary sharing that video with you guys. I don't think we've ever shared anything that was so personal and so raw," Johnson said in the video. "But the outpouring of support and the outpouring of people who have gone through the same thing or something similar and relate really touches our hearts."

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