Shay Mitchell Reuniting with Her Grandma Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Mitchell led her grandma through a workout and they danced together.

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Like a lot of people, Shay Mitchell has stuck to virtual meet-ups with her grandma throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And like a lot of people she's gotten creative in the process — Mitchell has been leading her grandma through chair workouts during some of their FaceTime sessions since her grandma hasn't been able to exercise at her senior center. Now, after a year of seeing each other through screens, Mitchell and her grandma have reunited, and the footage of their time together is as cute as you'd expect.

On Sunday, Mitchell shared on her Instagram story that she was visiting her grandma in the flesh for the first time since the start of the pandemic. "Two weeks of quarantine, four negative COVID tests, still wearing a mask because we're being extra safe, but guess who I get to see today?" Mitchell said in a video before turning the camera to reveal her grandma. Subsequent posts revealed that Mitchell led her grandma through one of their usual chair workouts during their IRL reunion. (

Apart from the chair workout, there was at least one dance break involved. "Haven't seen my gram in over a year - all she wanted to do was dance ❤️," Mitchell captioned an Instagram reel of the two of them showing off their moves. (

In general, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a lot of people a deeper appreciation of quality time with loved ones. And it seems that Mitchell has been making an effort to make the most of video chats during her long stretch of being apart from her grandma. In doing so, she's made progress on one of her health and fitness goals for 2021: Right before the new year, Mitchell revealed in an Instagram story that one of her goals is to have more check-ins with family and friends this year, alongside a clip from a video chat session with her grandma. (

If, like Mitchell, the pandemic has prevented you from seeing friends and family in person, her recent update is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

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