Giving herself breathing room is this tennis champ’s winning strategy.

By Kate Sandoval Box
September 11, 2020
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James D. Morgan/Getty

For Sloane Stephens, the powerhouse tennis star who won the U.S. Open in 2017, feeling strong and energized starts with quality alone time. “I spend so much of my day with other people that I need to reset and recharge my battery. Otherwise, I get a little grumpy,” says Stephens. “When I have this quiet time, I’m a more positive and productive person to be around. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Beauty treatments are one of her favorite solo escapes because she feels extra confident and pretty afterward. “I’ll spend 10 minutes in the massage chair, do a face mask, or book a brow appointment or manicure,” says Stephens, who adds that moving her body — whether that’s a full-blown workout or a chill walk — and slipping into a pair of Jordan 1s (Buy It, $115, also makes her feel and look her best. “Afterward, I’ll smooth Illuminate Me by Vaseline Shimmer Body Oil on my body for an extra boost,” she says. To set the mood, she adds DoTerra Frankincense oil (Buy It, $87, to her diffuser.

As grueling as training, playing, and traveling to matches must be, the 27-year-old pro says that the business side of her life can take even more of her energy. “It’s a lot, but I love it,” she says. (Related: How Sloane Stephens Trains, Eats, and Mentally Prepares to Crush the Competition)

To her, the work is fuel, especially for the foundation she started to empower underserved kids in Compton, California. “I use tennis as a vehicle to open new doors and opportunities. There are so many important life lessons learned while on the court,” says Stephens. “And it’s really rewarding to be a part of these kids’ journeys.” She feels the same about her own family. “Home is where I’m happiest. It’s just a level of comfort I don’t get anywhere else.”


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